2021/09/19 - FIM MotoE™ World Cup: GP San Marino / Sunday Report

All dared and still unrewarded

In a dramatic final race of the season, the 2021 MotoE World Cup title was decided off the track.

Dominique Aegerter rode his heart out in the final race of the season to take the minimal chance of winning this year's electric bike championship after all. Practically in the blink of an eye, the 30-year-old rider from Rohrbach was able to close a 1.5 second gap to race leader and title rival Jordi Torres. In the final laps, it came down to a showdown between the two.

Aegerter passed the Spaniard several times, but Torres had an answer ready each time. A second place would have been enough for Torres to win the title. Nevertheless, he also fought back on the last opportunity Aegerter had to push him out of first place. It came to a contact, in which Torres fell. Aegerter, on the other hand, crossed the finish line in first place, but was immediately given a time penalty of almost 38 seconds. Instead of splashing out the winner's prosecco in the final race of the season, Aegerter was classified twelfth and, like a year ago, innocently failed to win the prestigious MotoE™ World Cup overall.

#77 Dominique AEGERTER (Dynavolt Intact GP, Energica), P12 +37.830:

"I am just disappointed because I still do not believe what the decision of the race organizers are. I was so close to winning the Cup. I gave everything for it and did an incredible race. But in the end, it was all for nothing. We did a great job as a team, fighting for the overall win right from the start of the season. In the end, we were not rewarded for it. That hurts incredibly."

"In addition, my start today was not the best. At first, I had to struggle with Ferrari and Casadei, while Torres was able to pull away a bit at the front. But I was able to close the gap to him quickly. On the second last lap I was already able to overtake him several times. So, he must have known that I was right behind him going into the last lap. I also think it should have been clear to him that second place is enough to win the title. In the last lap I passed him again twice. But he countered each time. So, it was my last chance to try it again in the slow and last right-hand bend. I was very late on the brakes, much later than him, and tried to pass him cleanly. I was at the absolute limit, of course."

"I am sure he saw me coming, but somehow he touched my rear wheel and crashed. I definitely did not want to do that, and I am sorry for him, too. I hope he did not hurt himself. After the race I apologized to him right away because I am always a fair rider. In a championship that is so short and has very short races, plus a bike that is unusually heavy for a race bike and therefore difficult to stop, then situations like this can happen. So, I do not understand why I got this time penalty. It was already decided when I arrived at Parc Ferme. At that moment it was unacceptable for me, and the team's appeal was immediately rejected. Even if it is only a small consolation, it was at least still enough for second place in the overall standings. But it is hard for me to be happy about that."

#SanMarinoGP - MotoE™ Race 2 (8 Laps):
1 Matteo FERRARI / ITA / Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE / Energica / 13´54.140
2 Mattia CASADEI / SWI / Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse / Energica / +0.348
3 Miquel PONS / POR / LCR E-Team / Energica / +1.038
12 #77 Dominique AEGERTER / SWI / Dynavolt Intact GP / Energica / +37.830

MotoE™ Final Standing:
1 Jordi TORRES / SPA / 100
2 #77 Dominique AEGERTER / SWI / 93
3 Matteo FERRARI / ITA / 86