Dominique Aegerter - Domi#77

Before I switched to road racing, I was active in the Swiss motocross scene from the start, soon with national success. First in the children's classes, then in the junior category. In 2003, I switched to the street, became seventh in the German ADAC Junior Cup, whereupon I climbed into the IDM (International German Championship) of the 125cc class, where I drove road racing by 2006.

Thanks to Olivier Métraux, who had discovered and helped me a lot, I already had the opportunity to compete in a first complete season in the 125th World Championship in the "Multimedia Racing Team". In 2008, I joined the «Ajo Motorsport Team» and became 16. In the 125cc World Championship. In the same team, renamed "Ajo Interwetten Team", I denied the 2009 season and climbed to the 13th World Cup final.

In 2010 I finally climbed into the newly created Moto2 class, with motorcycles, equipped with Honda unit engines. A class that replaced the 250-year World Cup. Actually under the Aegide of Olivier Métraux I drove under different team names always in the same team, in the last season 2016 under the name "CareXpert Interwetten".

With this team, the seasons of 2013 and 2014 were characterized by constant and good performances. The team and myself enjoyed regular top-ten places. I finished the World Cup twice. Special success was my 2014 season with 4 podium places. A highlight, which should be repeated as soon as possible, was my first and so far the only victory at the GP of Germany at the Sachsenring.

I was dissatisfied with my two last seasons 2015 and 2016. If it does not run, usually comes bad luck to it. In the 2015 season, I suffered heavy back and hand injuries in the race in Aragon (E) after an untroubled collision, which forced me to take a long race break in Valen-cia until shortly before the end of the season. Thank goodness I was very well looked after by doctors, therapists, family, managers and friends. In the last season of 2016, I was unhappily injured by the motocrosstraining during the summer, but I was unable to start two races and then only handicapped. With the announcement of my decision to change the team to the 2017 season, the team management left me, not only for sportive and legally untenable reasons, for the rest of the season, that is, four races, free or actually blocked. In view of the fact that only two thirds of the races are contested, the 12th World Cup final in 2016 can still be seen.

The mentioned racing pause enabled me to catch up, among other things, the formerly repeatedly postponed top sports recruit school in Magglingen. I learned a physically perfect preparation. I learned a lot about it. Above all, training and working with cool athletes from other sports was a very valuable experience.

After the six-month forced break described above, it was a great experience to be able to compete for the first GP of the season at the first race of the year in Qatar (Doha). The experience of the past two years has taught me to look positively into the future. A change of team was sporting, human and technical. My manager and I decided to change the team. We signed the 2017 season at the German KIEFER RACING TEAM, under the direction of the brothers Stefan and Jochen Kiefer. This also made it possible for me to switch to a SUTER chassis.

From the beginning, I was received "warm" by the new team and by SUTER RACING. The cooperation with the bosses and technicians is open, fair, very professional, but nonetheless comradely. I feel the team chefs and the whole team believe in me again. Thanks to the close cooperation of the team with SUTER RACING, a Swiss manufacturer from Turbenthal, with mainly Swiss technicians, we speak mainly German in the team, which not only facilitates mutual communication, but also makes it clearer and more precise in the technical field. As for the relaxation that is necessary in top sport, my Swiss-Bernese sense of humor (right) is understood. It is now up to me, of course, with the necessary racing luck and hopefully physically always healthy signs, to drive regularly into the top 5 and to reach podium places as far as possible. "I go for it and give full gas"! "

Your Domi # 77


Dominique Aegerter

Resides in: 4938 Rohrbach
Date of birth: 30.09.1990
Profession: Motorradrennfahrer
Motorcycle: Moto2 – KTM
Hobbies: Motocross
Example: Kenny Roberts