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Ten Kate Racing will be back with a full time TKR Worldssp team since 2014. With this comeback from a direct owned team there is only one goal for 2021: “Winning the World Supersport title”. With a history from 9 Word titles we are aware that there will be huge expectations, but we are fully committed to deliver! For that reason we have decided to put our WorldSBK team on hold and transfer this full time employed team to the World Supersport Project. To make the difference, a nonstop development plan is necessary for the material. This ongoing development is only possible with a full time employed crew which is already the TKR philosophy since more then 20 years. Offering a WorldSBK level of expertise and technology in WorldSSP will be our highest priority to offer the riders the best possible surrounding to work together on the mission to win the 2021 World Championship!

The team structure will be created for a 3 rider team. Two riders need to be capable to fight for the championship and one talented (younger) rider needs to be developed into a future winner. To have a line up with one young riders and two top rider, we can offer the young talent the best possible coaching and learning process in the same work environment. Data and electronic settings will be shared between all TKR SSP riders. This data will be beneficial especially for the young rider to compare, learn and improve themselves. Target for the young rider would be constantly in the top15 and to improve themselves during the season towards top-ten positions. The goal for the top riders will be to finish top 3 in the championship standing. In the recent past we have had the perfect example of a young rider growing up in the Ten Kate structure; Michael van der Mark. Van der Mark stepped after 2 years learning (and winning) in Superstock 600 to the WSS class and after (again) winning the title within 2 years he moved on to the WSBK Team of Ten Kate.

Technology Dominique Aegerter #77

  • Crewchief: William Huisjes
  • Data analysts:  Ronnie Schaagen    
  • Mechanic: William Huisjes
  • Mechanic: Sidney Buitenhuis
  • Petrol/Tyre: Martin van Bunskoeken

Technology Leonardo Taccini #24

  • Crewchief: Hessel Uilenberg
  • Data analysts: Arnold Tippe
  • Mechanic: Hessel Uilenberg
  • Mechanic: Bart van Heugten
  • Petrol/Tyre: Martin van Bunskoeken

Personal Manager

  • Kevin Aegerter


  • Gerrit Beekman

Presse / Media

  • Max Kroiss

Personal Trainer

  • Pol Rueda