Support for young top athletes

The «Gold Club» is a loose association for the support of young top athletes founded by my former manager «Sigi» many years ago; I have been lucky enough to profit from it directly as well. Members are companies and individuals who contribute to my extensive fitness, therapy, training, travel, and sport-related material costs with an annual patron contribution of CHF 2000.00. Without the support of the «Gold Club», I would not be able to continue participating in my training and cost-intensive sport. The «Gold Club» members meet about four times a year on a special occasion in order to encourage personal and business relationships among the members and increase camaraderie. And whenever possible, I'm there.

I would like to thank all of the old and also the new «Gold Club» members for their generous support. You can get more information and have the opportunity to join my supporters by contacting my Management.

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